Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Order Of Importance

  • Attend to email orders first, call customer and get their availability.
  • Send Text Messages To Email Orders and Call orders
  • Write down on spread sheet
  • Send orders to respective agents
  • Check spread sheet for previous orders or same day delivery orders, call customers and send ready orders to agent.
  • Attend to whatsapp customer next
  • call and get availability, send to agents, write on spread sheet.
  • Check LABEL CHAT new customers from previous days, attend to them
  • Check through all Labels
  • Change New Customers to Order Complete when delivered.
  • Save all whatsapp contacts and email order contacts
  • Ask customers to also save your number
  • Verify delivered orders from agents and request they make payments to my GTB account. Write paid amounts on spread sheet.
  • reply FB Customers chat and comments, check all FB ACCOUNTS at least once every 30 minutes.
  • Call all whatsapp chat customers


Hello, I will like to place an order for the B Carotene Capsules = ABC WH

I will like to place an order for the B-Carotene Capsules = Hi Health WH

Greetings, I would like to place an order for the B-Carotene Capsules = ABC XYZ WH



























= Hi Health WH P








= Hi Health WH






Pile Spray

I will like to place an order for the Pile Spray = ABC Best WH

Hello, I will like to place an order for the Pile Spray = ABC XYZ WH

















= ABC Best WH P






= ABC Best WH P








Format for calling customers

  • My name is Rita from natural b carotene capsules / pile spray
  • I’m calling in regards to the order you placed. Sir/ma
  • Am I unto ‘NAME’
  • From the details I have here you requested for
  • ‘Product name’ which cost ‘product amount’
  • Your address provided is ___
    And you picked/requested we deliver within ___
  • I will like to know if you’re available for delivery ‘the date’
  • The dispatch unit will contact you soon to schedule delivery with you.


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How does your product work?

Our Natural B-Carotene Capsules is an antioxidant that helps defend the skin from UV(Ultraviolet) rays from the sun
Helps replenish and maintain skin health
Helps appearance by making skin glow
Helps make you look younger and Fresher
Also has carrot in it that helps boost your vision

Tackles wrinkles
Dark spots
Skin pigmentation
Sagging skin
Basically help to beautify the skin from within

How do i use it?
They are 2 ways
1 capsule twice daily, morning and evening

First thing in the morning and last thing before you go to bed

You can also burst open about 5 capsules and mix with your cream if you are experiencing severe skin issue that you want to tackle faster

What’s the best pack to purchase?

3 months package, it’s cheaper and its discounted at 65,000 , also come with a bonus toothpaste and 2 Ebooks.

When will i start seeing results?
Within 3 weeks of using B-carotene

How Long will the effect last?
When you use the complete 3 bottles for 3 months the results would last for about 5 years in your body

Basically makes you look at least 5 – 10 years younger

Can i take more than 3 bottles of B-Carotene?
yes you can, it’s a natural product and it’s completely safe with no side effects

When can you deliver to me?
It depends on your location ma, usually within 24 – 72 hours. where are you located?

Note: most states are same day delivery as long as it comes early maybe before 3pm, also states like gombe, kebbi, nasarawa, benue, niger, zamfara e.t.c have longer expected time for delivery

What age can take it?
from 18 above ma

Can A pregnant woman take it?
no, we do not advice pregnant woman to take it… our products are natural and safe to them but we don’t advice to take during pregnancy because some women experience changes or irritations during pregnancy

Can a breast feeding mother take it?
Yes, if the baby is older than 3 months

Pile Spray

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How does your product work?

Our Pile Spray is an all-natural herbal spray that helps in treating the pains, burning sensation, itching and swelling caused by hemorrhoid/pile.

Our pile spray typically contains a combination of active ingredients, such as a local anesthetic, vasoconstrictor, and anti-inflammatory substances.

When applied directly to the affected area, pile spray works by numbing the nerves, reducing itching and pain sensations. The local anesthetic component provides complete relief from discomfort, making it more suitable for individuals with hemorrhoids. The vasoconstrictor ingredient helps to shrink the blood vessels, reducing swelling and inflammation. This action can help to treat hemorrhoids/pile permanently.

How do i use it?

1 spray twice daily.

When will i start seeing results?

Within 5 days of using the product

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