To do list

List of tasks to carry out daily

  1. Check for new emails in the Gmail app. Contacts should be saved, clients should be called, and orders should be written on Microsoft Office order sheets and sent to the appropriate agents.

  2. Check Microsoft Office order sheets for customers who requested that their orders be delivered on this day, call them to confirm availability again, update their availability if they postpone to a later date, and send to appropriate agent if they are available.
  3. Save all WhatsApp messages contacts, professionally reply to their questions with detailed responses, label customers according to the category they fall into, for example, customers who dropped their details should be labelled as New Customers, customers who showed interest without dropping any address information should be labelled as Potential Customers, and they should be called at a later date to see if they are still interested. E.t.c.
  4. Check Whatsapp Labels for new customers to ensure their orders are delivered the present day, send to appropriate agents. 
  5. Once new customers’ orders are delivered, update the Microsoft Office order sheet, move their labels to Order Complete, send them doses and gifts/pdf if necessary, and collect payment from agents before the end of the day. All payments should be made to GTB 0231248074 Esan Ayodele Isaac.
  6. When payments are received and confirmed by Mr. Ayo, update the Microsoft Office order sheet with the amount sent to Mr. Ayo’s account. Always request that agents break down the money for each delivery alongside the fees they collected.
  7. Always calculate, update, and keep track of the products utilised by agents; at the end of each working day, ensure to write down the leftover products with an agent.
  8. Check all Facebook accounts every 30 minutes, respond to comments directly to their direct messages, check for messages as well, and respond appropriately.
  9. Call all Whatsapp messages and persuade them to buy.

Note: Please keep in mind that depending on the state, products may be sent to delivery agents before the date desired by the customer. Always notify Mr. Ayo if a product is unavailable or if an order needs to be placed. Always call agents after sending orders to check that they received your message.


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